Past Domestic Healthcare:

Health care program initiative was started in 2011 for residents of S.A.F.E. house, a domestic violence shelter in Henderson, Nevada. GCF arranged a team of doctors including internists and pediatricians. Complete health care with diagnostic tests were provided with continued follow up care as needed. The children were seen in sick child and well baby clinic as well their provided with their immunization needs. The women and children were also provided with  prescription assistance. These residents are now lined up with Nevada Health Centers, where they receive the needed care.

Past Ghana’s Education Program:

In Affiliation with US based organization- W.A.T.E.R, education program was initiated in 2009 for middle school students, in Accra Ghana and surrounding cities. Our students were in five different schools. Dr. Thukral visited all the students and schools in 2011. With utmost sadness, this program was closed in September 2014 due to multiple reasons.

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Global Charity Foundation

Our 6th year of in-school tutoring program is coming to an end. GCF board is visiting all of our schools next week to visit with our students, tutors and school officials to go over the year end report on our students and plans for next school year, 2019-2020. Thanks to all of our supporters and community partners.The Global Charity Foundation provides schools with the tools and resources they don't have to help their students succeed.

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