Domestic Programs


education domesticCommunity Education Program for at-risk and underprivileged students (1st-8th grade). The goal is to raise their comprehension in Science, Technology, English, and Math before the students enter high school. In the past four years, the students in our program have shown significant improvement in their performance in each subject. This school year, (2017-2018) we have expanded our tutoring program to public schools as well as charter schools in collaboration with CCSD. This school year we are tutoring over 250 students.

International Programs


international educationGCF International Education Program funds the education of children in rural public schools surrounding New Delhi, India in partnership with DIYA Foundation. Since 2009, close to 500 students have been helped through this program to have a brighter future.

Health Care

healthcare domesticLas Vegas NV
Global Charity Foundation’s Healthcare program partners with Southern Nevada Children First Organization to provide a healthcare program for young mothers and children entering their housing and program.

Health Care

heal care interenationNew Delhi, India:

GCF’s  Health Care Program provides cancer chemotherapy treatment of indigent children suffering from cancer. The goal of this program is to give these deserving children a second chance at life.
Since 2011 we have provided over 300 chemotherapy treatments for over 150 children patients. We are happy to announce, currently, over 50% of our pediatric patients are in remission.

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Experts in education, behavior, and communication say that bilingual children have a great advantage over monolingual kids, not only because they can easily jump from a cultural environment to other, but also because they are able to develop more tolerance and an open-minded personality.
If you are bilingual, help your children to learn a second language at home, and open the doors of the world to them!

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